The analogy between piloting a plane or an organisation can be very helpful.

In a flight cockpit (as in your organisation) you have various monitoring- and control systems. We would like to help you applying the appropriate ones and to use them effectively and carefully (during a flight control inputs, course corrections or change of attitude usually are applied smoothly and softly, so that the passengers are not affected uncomfortably).

A flight in our flight simulator can demonstrate to you, how you manage and apply leadership. Areas of improvement, blind spots and special strengths will be made visible and palpable. You will feel, see and hear the effects at once.

We offer a coached flight in a Boeing 737 simulator with personal and flight related feedback. Based on that we can continue in personal coaching sessions to explore the discovered spots.


You as leader or entrepreneur require early warnings related to negative trends, deficiencies, obstacles. You need to understand the underlying root causes and have to counteract effectively.

Our Flight Simulator can demonstrate that strikingly and can help you understanding, how you can react appropriately. That can reveal your behaiour patterns and you can learn and even train, to adapt accordingly.

The ADI (artificial horizon) enables the pilot recognising the aircraft's attitude in the air.


In order to lead it is important to understand, which objectives you have, which course is most suitable and what milesones are relevant. We can help you detailling your given targets. This will lead to coherent, pragmatic and forecful objectives for yourselve and your team.

Your corporate strategy and action programme (flightplan) can be compiled similar to a flight profile.

The HSI (Course Information) offers the pilot a bird's eye orientation for navigation. It indicates steering course and bearing information.


Which performance are you retreiving currently, which energy reserves do you have, how are they allocated ?

What is the "operating temperature" of your (organisational) modules - are they running hot ?

Is your safety-/security concept up and running ? Do the modules co-operate ?

You need continuous information about what is going on in your organisation. Only by having a systematic and exhaustive overview you can act as entrepeneur.

We can help you developing tailored Leadership- and Management Checklists and a Status-Dashboard, that is not just monitoring the typical KPIs but also illuminates the so called soft factors and their root causes.


The crew co-ordination and the co-operation between cockpit, ground and cabin are vital success factors.

Translated into your terms that means a professional atunement and alignment between the individual units and a transparent view into your management team.

Qualification, communication, procedures and documentation safeguard an ontime and successful flight - same as with you.

The Flight Simulator can clarify such things in individual sessions or even in leadership seminars during some flight activities.