Our Approach

We support our clients discovering and activating their own resources.

We also like to encourage you exploring external resources to learn getting your matters closed and taking an effective path twoards your target goals.

We don't regard ourselves as being your solution, rather as your helpful support. By offering our wide and in depth process skills we can assist you working on your tasks with greater clarity and effective decision making. Solution configuration starts in the "heads" of our clients.

We as advisors and you as our client have to learn separating between objectives, activities and methods. Ideally your actions and used resources focus on a clearly defined and communicated target.

As succesful entrepreneur you regard and treat your staff as being the purpose. Your organisation with its culture, its operations and its structure rather is the method, the stage.
The People Business

Coaching is individual and keeps business matters in focus

For us coaching is no techical advice. We enable our clients deciding for themselves and taking action.

As an important if not the vital prerequisite for that is, that our clients learn to understand the correlation, pattern and sequences with respect to their influencing their own destiny. We guide you in activating your self assurance and competences that are needed to (re-) gain control of your latitude. You are in command of your doing.

In business- and leadership coaching we make us of similar approaches as in personal coaching. The difference is that we exclude private sectors, if our client so wishes.

If we detect an underlying illness, we strongly advise seeking help from psychotherapists and medical doctors. The great benefit of coaching is the prevention of chronical dysplasia.

Significance and meaning are major pillars in our professional and personal life.

Further important techniques for us are:

„Team Storming“ – we regard team-competence as being significantly more valuable than the sum of the members' individual competences. Hence we make use of that creative power and activate it by suitable techniques like "Lego Serious Play©" or outdoor events. By this hidden strengths will be uncovered and can be incorporated into the team's projects.

„Team Integrating“ –This is a hiearchy-encompassing event, in which we offer to experience leadership in interaction with the organisation. We can provide space for effective dialogues far beyong the usual borders. And we support you undergoing potentially unknown transparency and effectiveness in leadership.

„Culture meets Culture“ - Individuals have their own perception of things and and create their own reality and truth from it. These individual truths often differ strikingly from those of their colleagues, partners, customers. We consultants try to crystalise the essence of each by suitable tailored probing to foster a joint reality. In our flight simulators a manager can experience these discrepancies (often first time) very impressively.

„Perspective-Event-Modell“ - We often have clients asking for very specific intervention. In such cases we like to begin with abstracting the situation. By getting some distance from the perceived problems we aim to discover the real objective of a planned activity. Based on a joint understanding of that we can develop suitable steps, that carry you appropriately, effectively, sustainably and efficiently to your goal(s). We tune the various perspectives by working with freshly experienced live events and thus shape the change for everyday use.

We are a team of advisors that have longterm experience in local and international organisations, in family- or small businesses as well as in global corporations

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