Our Consultants

Leadership-, Advisor- and Coachingexperience are core pillars of our competence

Our consultants have experience in various forms of organisations. We have worked in holdings and small enterprises abroad and in Germany. We have developed, lead and supported teams in line- and projectfunctions.


We all are qualified systemic organisation advisors. Wa are focussing our joint efforts towards your resources, to work with your competences. We offer impulses and involve our experience by offering suitable examples. That can enable you to better understand the context.

Martin Lenke

I am a seasoned manager and executive coming from a big service company. Thus I can read the needs and requirements of the various hierachical levels, both seen from the eyes of leaders and managed persons.

As Engineer I can talk the language of technicians and with my systemic qualification I can also build the bridge to the "softer" issues in your management team or towards your staff level.

I aim to support you in your efforts managing and leading your available resources effectively, efficiently and sustainably. And to translate your entrepreneurial vision into a suitable structure.


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Rainer Niederée

For more than 15 years I am successfully supporting people and organisations in change processes. From my own management experience, I am familiar with situations of rapid growth, merger, restructuring, or global co-operation.

In my consulting work, I focus on change management, the human side of restructurings, strategy and leadership development.

In my experience, people and organisations mirror each other. Appreciating both, I am looking forward to assisting you in organising and cultivating co-operation in a way that people can authentically engage and organisations powerfully reach their goals

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Diversity Expert

Joining soon:

Diversity expert with some 25 years experience in helping organisations profiting from the variety and diversity of their staff.

I support LENKE Leadership Guidance as networking partner.

Systemic Advisor

Joining soon:

I have intensive and extensive experience as manager and work for more than 15 years in the field of coaching, leadership development and intercultural co-operation.

I support "LENKE Leadership Guidance" as networking partner.