Our Services

For us, development of visions and strategies is as important as a functional organisation, effective communications or efficient co-operation. We put effort into diagnosis, develop possible solutions and implement - with you and by you.

Organisation as a System - Leadership requires clarity

Our objective for you: joint understanding of leadership and actions relevant for your organsiation. Leadership stimuli are only as effective as their reception and interpretation by your staff. Hence we deem it important to conduct an active and multilateral communication.  We foster a  joint view on the necessary, develop (with you) an action programme that suits your requirements and we see you through  its implementation into day to day management.

People as a System - We are the purpose

How is your management team recognising and valueing the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals? How can each team member discover and unlock the own capabilities, clear away or conquer their personal blockages? We see it as pivotal towards successful leadership supporting the people in deploying their competence authentically, easier and more effectively.

We advise organisations

We would like to help you securing and optimising your success. It is important to us, that you reach your objectives effectively and with an appropriate speed (efficiency).


"pursue objectives, that also inspire others"

We can support you in discovering, developing and implementing your vision(s); to generate orientation and principles which then are established into day-to-day routine.


You are after challenging, ambitious or even risky objectives. You aim for further growth or have to manage the tunr around. We want to help you, being successful and to stabilise that success.

It is important to us that you reach your goal(s) effectively and with an appropriate speed.

Change Management

You want to trigger change and you want to evolve your organisation clearly focussed and sustainably. We search and develop your strategic and tactic change concepts including the suitable organisation model. We strive for an inspiring change management, that is educating and enabling your staff towards the relevant and new competencies and preferrably without leaving behind too many inidividuals.

Development of Teams and Organisations

Your company consists of various and diverse groups of people, that are tasked with delivering outstanding results day by day, project by project.


You gained the impression, that your organisation is in a stalemate. You are rather after new impulses, fresh management ideas and innovative products. This can be reached by strategy workshops, team storming or even external impulses related to your critical issues. More often than not, the next continuative thought is already hidden in your team.


You realise deficiencies, but you can't identify the root causes ? For us as external source it is often easier to recognise the problem(s) jointly with you as we have an independent and undisguised stand.

We help you developing and implementing effective and sustainable solutions, which are quick to be used in the daily routine.


Usually it appears clear to you how to solve your problems. Following a diligent diagnosis we jointly determine, which of the (potentially many) options you really have: is it leadership coaching, team development, new communi cation methods or even an altered company culture. We stay with you and offer suitable approaches.

We advise people

Often it is just a nudge towards the right direction, the relevant missing impulse, to take the next appropriate step. Sometimes it is a lack of sound self-image or just the reduced overview of related issues.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is closely related to carrier-advice, self-management and time-management. It often serves the improvement of personal effectiveness and efficiency. Connected with that are important areas like Work Life Balance, Burn-Out or Burn-Out Prevention.

Business Coaching focusses on the business context. It can be a team coaching, carreer-coaching or organisational development up to executive coaching by advising your top management.


Leadership-Coaching concentrates on your leadership-stile, -culture, -effectivity and -efficiency. And we also offer a focus on self-recognition, communication (language, medium, expression, choice of words) and authiticity.

We would like to help you recognising, where you can apply the most effective lever towards change or adjustment or stabilisation and we will join you during the transformation period.

Junior Management

First time leaders require our special attendance

Check of completeness related to duties

which reporting is relevant, and when

how do I prepare and launch an executive decision request

when do I have to provide plans, projections and actuals ?

Finding and walking your path

what is my leadership style and how do I influence it

how am I effective, how do I communicate

how do I define and place targets

where and how do I set boundaries

Alternatives and Approaches to Leadership

New in the captain's seat ? We can help you discovering your own style respecting your organisation's culture your strategy and objectives.

We support internal mentoring and external exchange in peergroups

Powerless will transform to powerful

We often meet people that act with their back to the wall, feeling toothless or ignored. We can help you transforming that perceived loss of power into new strength. You can discover different ways of seeing and doing things, learn to accept things you can't change and also your personal approach to (inter-) act within your business environment.

We work towards being not needed for long. Hence we help you, discovering and making use of your own resources. Our objective is, that your organisation is going active and learns taking a path, on which you won't need us permanently.

Our Approach

We each have some two decades of experience in management, consulting and/or coaching. We allocate experts, that suit your challenges. We are qualified as systemic advisors and regard your project within the context of your organsiation

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Leadership Cockpit

Pilots, surgeons and management share the complexity and dynamics of their working environment. Decisions need to be sorted towards urgent and/or important. In our 3-D flight simulator you can discover that impressively.

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